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Provide a portfolio of multidisciplinary information services comprising of technical, financial, policy, and market analyses to assist our clients meet their objectives efficiently and economically, thereby contributing towards their journey to the leadership position.




A Superior Source of Knowledge

Brief History


Advanced Technology Consultants (ATC) was formed in the early days of the new millennium (2000)  to address a pressing need of the current and future advanced technologies, requiring interdisciplinary and omni-directional analysis approach.  ATC aims to  assist  those clients who are involved in a number of advanced and rapidly growing areas reach a leadership level performance, rapidly and cost-efficiently.  ATC's methodology is holistic in perspective and scientific in nature.  We have a network of top-rated, experienced, and recognized experts in an increasing number of key areas. 







ATC's approach is to form a high performance team from our pool of experts and optimize your R&D management, new product development (NPD), systems engineering, product quality, technology transfer & forecasting, information, and marketing efforts in an interdisciplinary and timely manner. Therefore, we have, and continue to build, a broad and expanding network of experts (scientists, engineers,  designers, economists, market and financial analysts, academicians, managers, strategic planners, and business developers) who contribute to our efforts in addressing your needs and facilitate the so-called "network innovation" in high-performance organizations. 





Format of services


The format of our services can take a number of different shapes to fit your needs in terms of depth, comprehensiveness, content, and delivery. This includes, but not limited to, detailed technical/marketing reports, comprehensive literature surveys on subjects of your interest (patents and engineering/technical publications), in-house executive presentations, in-house technical training,  expert analysis of your test data and R&D activities, proposal preparations, joint/collaborative R&D efforts, concept design and ideation process, innovation management in R&D environment, complete strategic planning management, corporate-wide systems engineering implementation, quality assessment and recommendations,  technology roadmapping for investment decision making, economic analysis, and more. We provide expert opinion on your current or prospective R&D activities in an increasing number of advanced technology areas. 



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  Nanotechnology in MedicineNanotechnology in AutomotiveUnderstanding Combustion & Emission od Pollutants in Engines Flame and its PropagationIgnition Issues and Their Impacts on Engine Performance, Combustion, and EmissionsDiagnostics Through Visual Insection of Spark Plugs    


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